For foriegn players

What is this server?

This server is called "Man10 Server", and you can enjoy Casino, Gun PvP, Building etc.
Economic systems are developed in this server, so tha you can buy and sell items and lands or something else.

Am I supposed to be playing on this server?

This server doesn't support English much, but feel free to stay in the server!

Few rules & Warnings

If you follow a usual rules like no griefing, no stealing etc. you won't be jailed.
Although, there are few rules that is not very usual on other servers.
1. No redstone systems creation and don't use a hopper.
2. Do not create auto-fishing machine
3. Do not kill other players randomly on purpose. This isn't only a PvP server.
If you follow these, you are all good.

What if I get jailed?

If you have done something wrong and you're in jail, you have to write a statement of apology at . Then, admins will read it and decide if you can be unjailed or not.

I can't earn much informations.

As I said first, this server doesn't support English. Although we are trying our best to help a foreigner as much as we can, so we would like you to understand about that. We have got some Staffs that can speak English, so please feel free to ask them! :)

Click Here man10Englishwiki
For More Info!

Have a fun time with Man10 Server!

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